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If you are an cycling athlete, then for you bike computer must have. But if you have a bike recently, the need for a computer is not obvious to you.The choice of bike computers on the market is huge. Of course, at the start there is no point in taking the most sophisticated bike computer. I would suggest taking you something less than $ 100 to try out the basic features and see if you need something more.

garmin 1030 – top level bike computer

First, choose something that is really important to you for the computer. For me, for example, it was important in the beginning only the distance and maximum speed. Over time, I began to realize that it was important for me to keep the average speed and cadence. Now it would be nice to see the map and route of the trip in front of your eyes. Someone younger may want live integration with the phone to see messages from messengers or to share their trip in social networks. For each person, something different is important. Consult your friends and more experienced companions and make a choice.

Compare some bike computers

NameSensorsButtonsBattery PhoneLive TrackAuto Pause/Wake-up Backlight TemperatureCalorie CadenceDisplay
SY Bike Computer 368C-Bwireless speed sensor1 x mechanical2 Lithium ion--+++--2 lines
SY Bike Computer YS-589wireless 2 x touch 2 Lithium ion--+green+++4 lines
SY Bike Computer YS-606Cwireless 2 x touch 2 Lithium ion--+green+--4 lines
2.8" LCD
CAT EYE - Velo 7 Bike Computerwired speed sensor11xCR2------
Wahoo ELEMNT Mini Wireless Wahoo RPM Speed
2 x mechanical1 Lithium Metal(CR2450) + 1 for sensor+with phone+---with additional sensor2 lines
3 Data Fields
CAT EYE - Quick Bike Computer+1CR1616 and CR2032--+----2 lines

Main bike computer features

  • speed sensor
  • backlight
  • auto pause \ wake-up
  • waterproof IPX7 or better

Main trackable parameters

  • speed
    • max
    • current
    • average
  • distance
    • total
    • trip
  • time
    • clock
    • elapsed

Optional bike computer features

Optional features:

  • pace arrow
  • cadense sensor
  • gps (or any satellite-based navigation system)
  • predefined track (training)
  • preloaded maps
  • phone integration
  • live track
  • temperature sensor
  • hart rate tracking
  • compas

Optional trackable parameters:

  • heart rate
  • calories
  • current track
  • pulse zones
  • VO2-MAX
  • cadence
  • vertiacal/horizontal speed
  • training height profile

Wahoo ELEMNT Mini

The model is simple and functional. Live track for fans.

CAT EYE – Quick

Very strange bike computer. Not very functional, but small.

CAT EYE – Velo 7

Old and cheap. Nothing more.


A good computer for beginners. Of the disadvantages of some large speed sensor.

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