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Of the 15 different species of sandalwood that grow throughout the world, there are 2 main varieties that are traded internationally. These are Santalum spicatum (Australian sandalwood) and Santalum album (Indian sandalwood). Australian sandalwood presently provides more than fifty percent of all sandalwood traded around the world every year. Australian sandalwood has actually traditionally been utilized in the agarbatti as well as scent markets in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong as well as various other Asian nations. It has actually been commonly approved in these locations for over 150 years. In recent times Australian sandalwood oil has actually been included right into several high-end fragrances as well as various other aesthetic items. When contrasted to Indian sandalwood although it regularly generates the oil developing heartwood from a young age, australian sandalwood does create a reduced oil web content. Australian ranch sandalwood has actually been attempted and also checked in ranches throughout Western Australia for over 25 years by both exclusive and also Government organisations.

How is sandalwood used traditionally?

Sandalwood oil has several conventional usages. For centuries, East Indian sandalwood oil has actually been a preferred component in Ayurvedic medication, the herbal remedies of India. It’s likewise been utilized in standard Chinese medication (TCM).

In these practices, sandalwood oil has actually been made use of with various other treatments to take care of:

  • the common cold
  • urinary tract infections
  • liver and gallbladder problems
  • digestive problems
  • muscle problems
  • mental disorders
  • hemorrhoids
  • scabies

Sandalwood’s aroma additionally makes it a prominent selection for fragrances and also aromatherapy. In aromatherapy, fragrant oils are made use of to advertise physical and also psychological wellness results. Lots of old societies exercised aromatherapy. It stays preferred amongst some individuals today.

Few of the conventional uses sandalwood oil have actually been examined with modern-day scientific research. There is an absence of research studies reviewing the wellness advantages of sandalwood. This is why clinical study on its health and wellness advantages is restricted.

Sandalwood has actually remained in usage for hundreds of years in cosmetics, toiletries as well as fragrances. Its relaxing, cooling impact makes it an outstanding selection for skin care. It is additionally made use of throughout reflection.

Whilst Sandalwood is still collected legitimately as well as sustainably in India (see the AGD noting on Indian Sandalwood containers), there has actually been much dispute regarding making use of this oil. A lot more lately various other resources of Sandalwood have actually appeared, consisting of Pacific sandalwood (Santalum austrocaledonicum) as well as Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum). Are they a great alternative?

In regards to fragrance, Pacific Sandalwood is one of the most comparable to Indian Sandalwood, showing the exact same cozy, buttery fragrance. The aroma is somewhat much less prompt than that of the Indian Sandalwood (it does not leap out of the bottle similarly) yet after a couple of mins the aroma of both oils winds up in about the exact same location. The chemical account of these oils births this out; both have a high material of alpha and also beta santalol. The greatest distinction is the rate, with the Pacific Sandalwood setting you back significantly less than the Indian kind.

On the other hand the Australian Sandalwood has a reduced santalol web content which has effects for the restorative worth of the oil. The varying chemical account indicates that this oil has a far more ‘woody aroma’ than the Pacific and also Indian variations. Much less is found out about the restorative use this sort of Sandalwood.

Keep In Mind that African Sandalwood, additionally called Muhuhu oil (Brachyleana hutchinsii) is not a real Sandalwood. This oil is often made use of as a fixative in perfumery. You might likewise see ‘West Indian Sandalwood’, additionally referred to as Amyris (Amyris balsamifera). Whilst this oil is prominent in its very own right it is considerably much less expensive than real Sandalwood as well as consequently can often be discovered as an adulterant in East Indian Sandalwood.

In recap: If you like Indian Sandalwood however wish to pick one more choice for either honest or cost factors, after that the Pacific Sandalwood is the very best option. If you are especially seeking a ‘woody’ instead of ‘buttery’ aroma for perfumery attempt Australian Sandalwood.

Did you understand that the Sandalwood tree is a parasite? It acquires its nutrients by affixing fools to the origins of various other trees. It would certainly interest understand to what degree the chemical makeup of Sandalwood oil is affected by the various other plants where it gets its vital force.

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