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Best mountain bike 26″ tires in 2020

18.02.2020 | MTB | No Comments

Going hill biking is one of one of the most thrilling, and also challenging, outside sporting activities for bike enthusiasts. Along with locating the right bike for the work, you likewise require to make certain that you are utilizing the most effective mtb tires you can locate. The tires take a massive whipping on the harsh trails, and the sort of tire you choose can have a large influence on the means you experience the flight.

26″ tires

Common parameters for comparing tires

  1. The size of the wheels
  2. Durability
  3. Quality of braking
  4. Stability in turns
  5. Resistance to punctures
  6. Installation easiness

Which’s simply the start. Here’s a fast guide on just how to select the most effective mtb tires prior to we dive into our review of the leading 10 options on the market today.

How to choose a Quality Mountain Bike Tire

The first thing you’ll intend to make certain is that the tire provides a high TPI. This is what provides you the traction and also rolling resistance that you need to remain secure on the tracks. For a lot of hill cycling tracks, you will certainly require a tire that uses a minimum of 60 TPI, and also it’s much better to aim for something better to 110 TPI.

The following point to consider is the resilience of the materials. One of one of the most vital elements of a mtb tire is the bead, which maintains the tire mounted to the bike’s rim. Search for a Kevlar grain, which offers one of the most sturdiness, however be aware that tires with Kevlar beads tend to need replacing quicker.

Ultimately, check out the design as well as shape of the tread. The means your tire influences the convenience of your flight generally boils down to the walk layout. As an example, if you are riding in loosened soil on a general hard surface area, it’s better to seek little knobs. Appearance for lengthy knobs with more area in between each knob if you are riding in mud. In addition, be aware of exactly how the knob shape can influence bike function. A ramped handle can make the bike more vulnerable to rolling, however it likewise supplies better stopping feedback.

(diameter x width)
Continental Trail King Wire26" x 2.2"
26" x 2.4"
700+gheavy tire for all mountain Mesh Sidewall, Trail Specific Traction,
Enduro Ready
Schwinn Mountain Bike Tire26" x 1.95"1000gheavy and cheap tiredurable construction, high traction tread pattern
Maxxis Holy Roller26" x 2.4"800gall mountain tireWire Beaded 60a
Continental Ride Tour Bike Tire26 x 1.75 (47-559)
26 x 2 x 1.5 (54-584)
city usage EXTRA PunctureBelt, ready for eBike
Continental Race King ShieldWall 26 x 2.0
26 x 2.2
700+gracePureGrip Compound, Shieldwall system, Tubeless Ready, E25
Continental Cross King ShieldWall 26 x 2.2
26 x 2.3
competition and trail tirePureGrip Compound, Shieldwall system,Tubeless Ready, E25
Continental Mountain King ShieldWall 26 x 2.3 for full-suspension trail bikes, off-roadPureGrip Compound, Shieldwall system,Tubeless Ready, E25